Introduction (Message from the President)

Thank you very much for accessing
the website of Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd.

Hiroyuki Suzuki, board of chairman representative director and CEO of Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd.

Image of Hiroyuki Suzuki

The Maruichi group has grown up to be a group of corporations evaluated as top-rated enterprises by their stockholders and customers.

In the present rapid globalization of economy, the world of steel industry including integrated steel manufacturers is changing quickly. Our steel tube industry is no exception, and facing with the keen competition of survival.

Under the tough situation, however, Maruichi Steel Tube must grow powerfully and develop toward the future.

Therefore, we intend to make all efforts to respond to the mandate of the stockholders with the following decisions.
(1) Positively responding to the advanced and diversified needs of customers.
(2) Introducing our unique new products to create a new demand for steel tubes.
(3) Expanding our overseas business in pursuit of the growth and development of the Maruichi group for the future.
(4) Striving for a further increase in shareholding value with a continuous expansion of achievements.

We recognize that it is very important for us to attain the following action assignments on a day-to-day basis steadily.
(1) Sales promotion, development of new products, and improvement in research and technical exploitation of a new product, and improvement in research and technical capabilities.
(2) Improvement in competitive power with further cost reduction.
(3) Achievement of a quality level that will satisfy customers.
(4) Implementation of an environmental management system meeting ISO 14001 requirements.
(5) Improvement in every employee's level and challenge at targets.
(6) Realization of an accident-free worksite with disaster preventive measures.

While doing our best everyday to attain these assignments earnestly, we will aim at building up our organization to be sturdier.

I sincerely hope for your further support, guidance, and cooperation.