Environmental Policy

Through the manufacture of steel tubes using iron, a highly-recyclable material, we endeavor to ensure a comfortable environment for the next generation.
With our basic philosophy of “co-existence and co-prosperity of the earth, nature and humanity,” we strive to provide a valuable link. To this end, we engage in the following activities.


We endeavor to prevent pollution, conserve resources and conserve energy, with consideration for their effect on the environment.


We engage in business activities in accordance with social norms, including laws and regulations related to the environment, and agreements with local residents.


We establish aims and targets related to the environment, and engage in activities aimed at continual improvement, including environmental management systems. We review these regularly.


We disclose this policy internally and externally.
Externally: we publish it on our website, and disclose it in an appropriate manner when requested.
Internally: we disseminate it among all employees, and aim to heighten environmental consciousness.

Environmental Management Structure

The Maruichi Steel Tube Group promotes environmentally-friendly business activities, and has established an environmental management system that incorporates the requirements of JIS Q 14001 (ISO 14001), in order to achieve sustainable development as a company trusted by society.

Environmental Management Structure

We have established an environmental management system that incorporates the requirements of JIS Q 14001 (ISO14001) through the PDCA cycle.

Environmental Management Structure
Status of ISO 14001 Certification

Status of ISO 14001 Certification
Date of registration August 8, 2003
Date of renewal January 16, 2024
Certification body JAB: Japan Accreditation Board
Review and registration body JSA: Japanese Standards Association
Applicable standard JIS Q 14001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
Registration number JSAE 699
Scope of
1)Design and manufacture of welded carbon steel pipe for industrial plant, general and mechanical structural applications, automotive/motorcycle parts, conduit and gas & water piping and steel pipe piles
2)Design and manufacture of MARUICHI POLE, steel tower and steel pole
3)Design and manufacture of pickled coil, cold reduction coil and galvanized coil(hot-dip zinc-coated steel coils and hot-dip 55% aluminium-zinc alloy-coated steel coils)
4)Design and, manufacture of steel sections for general structure
Registering organization Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. Sakai Plant, Tokyo Plant, Nagoya Plant, Takuma Plant, Sakai Pole Plant, Kashima Pole Plant, Hokkaido Maruichi Steel Tube LTD. (Tomakomai Plant), Shikoku Maruichi Steel Tube LTD. (Shikoku Plant, Tachibana Plant), Kyushu Maruichi Steel Tube LTD. (Kyushu Plant)
Global warming countermeasure

At the Maruichi Steel Tube Group, we are generating electricity from solar panels installed at seven plants across Japan, in order to contribute to bringing about a low-carbon society using renewable energy. We also implement various initiatives related to energy conservation, and share information within the Maruichi Steel Tube Group at monthly environmental meetings.

Trend in Solar Power Generation
※Takuma Plant and Shikoku Plant have been separeted since 2017
Trend in CO2 Emissions and Energy Usage

This data applies to the Maruichi Steel Tube Group in Japan, excluding Maruichi Kohan Ltd., Maruichi Stainless Tube Co., Ltd. and Alpha Metal Co., Ltd.

Other Initiatives Undertaken
・Replacement of welding equipment to energy-saving types
・Conversion from LPG to LNG at Takuma Plant
・Introduction of waste heat utilization equipment
・Adoption of inverter control to motors
・Adoption of energy saving equipment such as high-efficiency transformers and LEDs
Initiatives Related to Biodiversity
We are engaged in activities to protect the glasswort plants (designated endangered plants II in the Ministry of the Environment's Red Data Book) that grow naturally within the grounds of the Takuma Plant (Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture). Glasswort plants are halophytes that grow on tidal flats and saltpans.
Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

A range of environmental laws and regulations apply to business activities. In addition to regular measurement of water discharge and noise at each of our production bases, we also conduct regular evaluation of compliance with these laws and regulations.

Field Applicable laws and regulations
Land usage Factory Location Act
Global environment Act on Rationalizing Energy Use, Act on the Improvement of Energy Consumption Performance of Buildings, Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures, Act on Rational Use and Appropriate Management of Fluorocarbons
Pollution Enhancement of pollution prevention
Law on the Establishment of Organizations to Prevent Pollution at Specific Plants
Air pollution Air Pollution Control Act, Law on Nitrogen Oxide and Particulate Matter in Automobile Exhaust
Water pollution Water Pollution Prevention Act, Water Supply Act, Sewerage Act, Septic Tanks Act
Soil pollution Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act
Noise & vibration Noise Regulation Act, Vibration Control Act
Odors Offensive Odor Control Act
Toxic substances Law concerning Pollutant Release and Transfer Register, Act on the Regulation of Manufacture and Evaluation of Chemical Substances, Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act
Waste Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act, Act on Special Measures concerning Promotion of Proper Treatment of PCB Wastes, Act on Recycling, etc. of End-of-Life Vehicles, Act on Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliances, Act on Recycling of Small Home Appliances, Act on the Promotion of Sorted Collection and Recycling of Containers and Packaging
Labor health and safety Industrial Safety and Health Act, Fire Service Act, High Pressure Gas Safety Act
External evaluation
February 6, 2013
Our Takuma Plant received an award for Outstanding Plant for Energy Management (Director's Award, Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)
October 29, 1993
Our Takuma Plant received an award for Outstanding Plant for Industrial Standardization (Director's Award, Shikoku Bureau of Trade and Industry)
Introduction of environmentally-friendly products
Square color tubes

We apply coatings certified under “JIS K 5674 (lead-free, chromium-free anticorrosive paints) class 2” to steel tubes certified under “JIS G 3466 (carbon steel square and rectangular tubes for general structure).”

We use high-performance coatings equivalent to water-based anticorrosive paint (JASS 18 M-111).

Outstanding corrosion resistance through the application of JIS K 5621 (anticorrosive paints for general use) coatings. *

We use highly anticorrosive water-based rust-proofing coatings that do not contain heavy metals such as lead or chromium.

The formaldehyde diffusion level is F☆☆☆☆.

  JIS K 5621 (class 4) JIS K 5674 (class 2)
Cyclic corrosion resistance No bulging, rusting or peeling after 20 cycles No bulging, rusting or peeling after 36 cycles
Color selection

Red lead color



Note 1: The coating thickness of ordinary products does not conform to the requirements of the technical standards for constructing public buildings. Please specify if a conforming coating thickness is required.
Note 2: The sample colors differ in tone to actual colors used.

ALZ-55N Steel tube for agriculture & horticulture
ALZ-55N Screw-less, thin steel Steel electrical conduits and normal bends
At Maruichi Steel Tube, we are manufacturing non-chrome-type ALZ-55N with the new roll coater we introduced in our steel strip plating line at the Takuma Plant.
These environmentally-friendly pipes contain zero chromium.
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