Message from the President


In 2018, Maruichi Steel Tube celebrated a landmark: 70 years since its founding. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the warm support that we have received from our customers, shareholders, business partners, and local communities throughout this time.

In the past, the concept of corporate social contribution focused on pleasing customers with good products, technology and services. During our 70-year history, we have moved with the changing times, expanding our domestic businesses overseas. We have been able to contribute to society in many ways, not only through providing high-quality products as a company centered on workmanship, but also by creating employment and developing industry in the countries and regions where we operate.

Today, we have not lost sight of our belief that social contribution is impossible without the creation of business profits. However, in recent years we have also been aware of the importance of “contribution to solving social issues,” which will lead to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), common goals for the global community. Based on a recognition of the close relationship between social issues and business challenges, we will engage in our business activities from an even broader perspective, not only using steel tubes to enhance the quality of life of people around the world, but also working with an awareness of social issues, including consideration for the global environment.

Society will continue to change rapidly in the future, with swift technological innovation as well as changes in market needs due to the transformation of industry structure and lifestyles. In order to respond flexibly to these changes, we will transform ourselves to become a company that continues to create value into the next century and beyond, and respond to the expectations of all our stakeholders, under our concept of “01 x 100.”

I look forward to your unchanging support and guidance into the future.

代表取締役会長兼CEO 鈴木博之