Human Resources & Working Styles

Based on our philosophy of “respect for humanity,” the Maruichi Steel Tube Group creates companies brimming with dreams, in which diverse employees can play an active role, and to which they can entrust their lives. We regard the creation of healthy working environments where all employees can work in safety as directly linked to the enhancement of corporate value, and we are focusing on labor health and safety initiatives.

Education and Training Systems

Beginning with training aimed at each employee rank, we are creating educational systems, not only to instruct employees in compulsory areas such as safety and compliance, but also to develop the career and enhance the skills of each individual employee.

Self-Development Program

Self-development support system, public qualification allowance
We subsidize the cost of correspondence courses (specified by the Company) that are undertaken by employees to acquire over 30 different qualifications specified by the Company.
 After employees gain a qualification, they continue to receive an allowance in accordance with rank.
 We support employees’ desire to learn.

Internal English conversation lessons
Employees may elect to receive free English conversation lessons inside the Company. We help employees improve their English speaking ability, in the context of accelerating globalization.

Diversity and Inclusion

In the context of increasingly serious labor shortages due to low birth rates and an aging population, we consider the creation of an environment that tolerates flexible work styles to fit with the diverse circumstances of individual employees to be a management issue directly linked with the enhancement of corporate value. We are actively engaged in promoting initiatives in this area.

Promotion of Diversity

Conducted diversity (female participation)
training (for female employees and male managers)

Support for Childbirth and Childcare

・Maternity gift payments
・Childcare leave (until the child reaches two year of age at most)
・Support allowance for early return to work (paid to female employees who return to work after childcare leave)
・Program of reduced working hours for childcare (until the child enters elementary school)
・Payment of childcare allowance

Utilization of Foreign Personnel

Recruitment of foreign students

FY2017: 2 Vietnamese students
FY2018: 1 Chinese student
Acceptance of Vietnamese technical interns FY2017: 2 students at Tokyo Plant
FY2019: 2 students at Sakai Plant, 2 students at Tokyo Plant
FY2020: scheduled to accept 4 students
Acceptance of technical employees from SUNSCO of Vietnam FY2019: 2 employees at Tokyo Plant
FY2020: 2 employees at Sakai Plant,2 employees at Takuma Plant
FY2021: scheduled to accept at Tokyo Plant
Implemented Global Business Training

We carry out training for employees dispatched overseas and those with the opportunity for overseas business travel, on overseas business and basic local information such as politics and culture.

Timing Number of participants
April 2019 5
April 2018 7
September 2017 6
Employment of Seniors

The number of users of our re-employment program is growing, contributing to the internal transmission of accumulated skills and offsetting labor shortages.

Trend in the number of people re-employed

Labor Health and Safety
Safety Education Enhancement

Establishment of Safety Education Department (from October 2015)
・Introduction of hazard simulation facility
・Safety education for new employees
・ Safety education by year of joining company

Holding of Company-wide Production Safety Conference

Conference is held once every two months including site inspection at different plant each time

Conferences (FY2020)
Timing  Site  Participants

Timing Site Number of participants
April 2020 headquater 21
february 2020 Takuma Plant 21

Conferences (FY2019)
Timing  Site  Participants

Timing Site Number of participants
December 2019 headquater 21
October 2019 Shikoku Plant 23
July 2019 Nagoya Plant 20
June 2019 Sakai Plant 27
April 2019 headquater 21
Initiatives Towards Eliminating Occupational Accidents

Training for managers/supervisors
Implementation of stress checks
・Development of follow-up system for those with high stress
・Implementation of mental health training

Reduction of Overtime Work

Created committee, where management and labor periodically discuss overtime work reduction