Maruichi Steel Tube’s Value Creation Process

Maruichi Steel Tube has firmly established a business model that creates high profitability by utilizing our abundant management resources. Today, companies are expected to enhance not only economic value but also social value. We are engaged in solving a broad range of social issues through our products.

(Financial & non-financial capital)
Human capital
Financial capital
Intellectual capital
Social capital
Natural capital
Business Model
(Maruichi Steel Tube’s competitive edge)
Three Businesses
Our Strengths
Manufacturing and sales systems that support our status as No.1 in the industry
(1)Production where demand exists
(2)Variety of products
(3)Independent management supporting unique procurement and sales systems
(4)Global business development
Development of multi-skilled human resources
Sound financial structure
Flat organizational structure
(Products & solutions)
Steel tubes
Building materials
・General structural tube(Steel pipe piles, scaffolding tubes etc.)
・Building structural tube(Structural columns)
・Mechanical tube(Automotive parts etc.)
Agricultural materials
・Agricultural & horticultural tubing (plastic greenhouses)
Gas & water piping
・Gas & water piping
・Seamless stainless steel tube
Electrical conduits and accessories
・Steel electrical conduits
・Electrical conduit accessories
・Protective cable conduits and accessories
・General structural tube(Steel furniture, conveyer materials etc.)
Steel Sheets
Steel Structures
  • Lighting poles
  • Signposts
  • ETC gantries
  • Flagpoles
  • Pylons
  • Other products
Value Produced by
Maruichi Steel Tube

Value Creation through Products Themselves

1Livable, sustainable urban development
2Safe and convenient transport and logistics methods
3Agricultural materials to support a rich and varied diet

Value Creation through Corporate Activities

1Employment creation and the development of potential
2Construction of global partnerships
3Reuse of waste heat and scrap from production processes