Privacy Policy

Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. recognizes the importance of personal information (i.e., the name, address, birthday, telephone number, and other data peculiar to each person), and strives for the proper handling and protection of the information based on the following guideline.

The users of the website of the Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. will be deemed to agree to the policy of protecting personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. may correct personal information from the users of the website in order to continue providing better service.
The range of personal information collected will be limited to the minimum required level to attain the purpose, and Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. will observe all statues and in-house regulations concerning the protection of personal information.

Management and Protection of Personal Information

Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. will properly manage corrected personal information on the users, and strive for the prevention of information loss, destruction, alteration, unlawful access, or disclosure.
Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. will not disclose any personal information on the users without the users' consent. Moreover, no user can peruse the personal information on any other user gaining access to the website.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information on any user will be used for the following purposes.To inform all users of information on the service and products of Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. exactly.To improve the site to give more satisfaction to all users.To identify each user using the service.To develop new service.To contact each user if needed.

Improvement in Policy of Protecting Personal Information

The policy of protecting personal information will be reexamined and revised whenever necessary.