As a leading steel tube company, we have consistently contributed to bringing about a better society through the manufacture of products that support basic infrastructure. In the context of a maturing global economy, we are moving from values systems focused on individual corporate profits, to an era emphasizing values that target “sustainable development” for the whole of society, without harming the interests of future generations. We are conscious of the fact that Maruichi Steel Tube is expected to participate actively in solving social issues, over and beyond the social contribution that we make through our main businesses.

Our work as a steel tube manufacturer involves providing products made from processed iron and steel . Our raw material, iron, which has supported people’s lives since ancient times, is also expected to make a significant contribution to future society through its recyclability. We feel that iron still holds hidden potential, in terms of aspects such as its strength and corrosion resistance. More durable, high-quality iron and steel products have a long life-cycle, and we expect iron and steel to become an even more environmentally-friendly material in the future. We are actively striving not only to overcome environmental challenges such as reducing the amounts of greenhouse gasses, water discharge and other waste produced during the manufacturing process, but also to create secure workplaces for our employees, maintain fair business practices, and contribute to local communities.

Our challenges in the world of iron and steel will continue. At the same time, it is important for us to always stay flexible in order to respond to the dramatic changes of this era. At Maruichi Steel Tube Group, we regard the pursuit of profits through business expansion and the corporate contribution to solving social issues as our dual drivers of growth. We will strive to achieve sustainability through management unfettered by the limits of our existing businesses, and work towards a stronger management base to support these initiatives.

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