Steel tube business

We manufacture steel tubes for a diverse range of applications, primarily structural steel tube products for construction applications such as structural columns and scaffolding, but also steel tubes for use in cars and motorcycles, steel tubes for use in agricultural and horticultural greenhouses, and electrical cable conduits and accessories. As a leading steel tube company, we ensure smooth delivery of our products to customers from our manufacturing and sales sites established across Japan.
  • Scaffolding
  • Structural columns
    Structural columns
  • Automotive parts
    Automotive parts
  • Greenhouse flaming
    Greenhouse flaming
  • Gas/Water pipe
    Gas/Water pipe
  • Electrical conduit
    Electrical conduit
  • テーパーポールおよび加工品
    Tapered poles and other fabricated products
  • 表面処理技術
    Surface treatment

Surface treated steel sheet business

We have proprietary equipment for carrying out surface treatment of the hot rolled steel sheets in coils that form the raw material for steel tube manufacturing. We manufacture and sell corrosion resistant steel sheets with excellent external appearance that will withstand outdoor usage, through pickling, cold rolling and hot-dip galvanization.

Pole business

We design and manufacture steel structures such as lighting poles, traffic light poles, traffic sign poles and ETC gantries under the “Maruichi Pole” brand. We also manufacture the tube materials used in their production. These tube materials are spun into tapered tubes depending on their purpose, before we use them in the manufacturing of steel structures. By leveraging our capabilities as a steel tube manufacturer to complete the entire production process in-house, we control not only product quality, but also the stable supply of products that meet the needs of each customer.
  • Lighting pole
    Lighting pole
  • Traffic light pole
    Traffic light pole
  • その他の製品
    Lighting tower

Our Strengths

1. The largest number of production and sales sites of any domestic welded steel tube manufacturer, supporting our status as No.1 in the industry.
We continue our assiduous efforts to produce a wide range of products that meet customer demands flexibly and to enhance our proprietary processing technology.
The Maruichi Group boasts 16 production facilities in Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, and 23 sales sites from Hokkaido to Okinawa. In this era of accelerating globalization, we have also established 16 overseas group companies across 7 countries, in pursuit of the dual goals of quality and timely delivery. By setting up production facilities close to our customers (production where demand exists), we are able to deliver products to our customers sooner. Meanwhile, in terms of quality, by responding to various customer needs such as strength, processability and weight reduction, we have established manufacturing and sales systems that are worthy of the title of “leading steel tube company.”
2. Flexible procurement and sales systems established through the autonomous and independent management that we have sustained since the time of our founding.
We have built strong and stable supply chains and networks.
By maintaining autonomous and independent management not belonging to other corporate groups, we have been able to establish flexible procurement and sales networks not bound by business affiliation. We deliver products to customers through diverse sales routes, primarily including Maruichi Kohan Ltd., which functions as the group’s trading company. We will continue to cultivate good relationships with our customers and trading partners, based on our strong and stable supply chain.
3. The many adversities that we have overcome throughout our long history, and the sound management practices that we have learned from them.
The stability of our management is immutable, even in this era of dramatic change.
As a company, we achieved zero reliance on loans in 1974, and have maintained a sound and healthy financial condition ever since. We are also highly profitable, coming in near the top of rankings published every year by steel industry newspapers. Our equity ratio as of March 31, 2024 was 80.8% (consolidated), a very high level compared to other companies listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We use our ample funds at hand for proactive capital investment and other investments to enhance operational efficiency, to ensure sustained growth for the next generation. In this era of dramatic change, we will continue our sound and stable management.